Mychal Shifrah

Mychal Shifrah Reilly (she/ her) is a birth doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, student midwife, sex educator, and student Somatic Experiencing Practitioner , serving the Los Angeles area. Her practice seeks to bring peace and reduce trauma during reproductive events. Mychal is trained in a wide variety of birth and postpartum techniques, works with families of all sizes and backgrounds and is committed to improving birth outcomes for her whole community. She is comfortable supporting all outcomes of pregnancy including: surrogacy, adoption, abortion, loss, and folks who are unsure about their journey. Before becoming a doula, Mychal earned a B.A. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Chapman University. She is also a certified mediator.  As an active member of the birth community, Mychal runs a pro-choice advocacy group and volunteers as an abortion doula. 


B.A. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution


Certified Mediator

Under Article 3, Section 3622 of the California Dispute Resolution Act of 1986


"Mychal made my birthing experience so relaxing. She has such a comforting and knowledgeable demeanor and I always knew my questions would be answered in a thoughtful way.  She made us feel like we were her top priority and really exceeded all expectations. She was a great support. Both my husband and I really looked to her in times of stress during the birth and she made everything more calm. I can't imagine having done it without her!"

- Angela K., Yelp

"Mychal was our doula for the birth of our first child this fall, and we're so happy we found her! Her two prenatal visits were a great chance for us to consider all the aspects of birth and baby related decisions for post-delivery, and her support during labor and delivery were invaluable. Mychal is well-prepared, knowledgeable and has a great calm energy. She was an excellent resource to both my husband and myself during the birth, and helped us process decisions under stressful circumstances! We'd highly recommend working with Mychal."

- Kara C., Yelp

"My husband and I needed a doula who is smart, independently minded, assertive but gentle, professional, non-judgemental and caring. We met 4 doulas before we considered giving up. Mychal was our last interview, and we knew right away that she embodied all the qualities we were seeking.

We can’t say enough good things about Mychal. She had SO much information to give us including handouts to fill out, links to articles addressing our concerns, even games to play. She has so much knowledge and a keen intuition, which helps her to be empathic and also open and expressive with any needs or thoughts of her own. We were so glad she had been trained in the hypnobirthing and although she is a young soul, she approached our relationship with so much maturity, confidence, and love, that we trusted her whole heartedly to be there when we needed her. She brought many tools to our meetings, and often checked in on us through text and email. She has a HUGE heart and an awesome ability to anticipate a laboring woman’s needs and then meet them.

Mychal was wonderful with the staff at the hospital. We were truly impressed. She knew her role and assumed responsibility for it right away while also being extremely kind and considerate of the hospital protocol. She was up ALL night through my labor, and into her own birthday! She then couldn’t wait to meet our daughter again and came over that same week to check in and give us even MORE information about breastfeeding, etc.

Mychal has a very successful and long career ahead of her as a doula, as she possess all the qualities of a genuinely good person and outstanding doula. We will be sure to call on her again for future babies, and will always be grateful we found her. We recommend her highly to other families without reservation, and are happy to talk with anyone who would like to hear more about her."

- A&C Rosenburg, Doula Match

"I'm so glad I found Mychal. I wanted to have a doula at my birth because I'm a fairly anxious person and I knew I would need some extra support. Mychal was fabulous. From her pre-natal home visit to the birth to her post-natal visits, she was an absolute dream. She has a very calming and amiable presence -- the type of person you simply want to have around. She was incredibly helpful during labor itself, but the support she provided me before and after were just as vital for me. Her wisdom, knowledge, and connections to other pregnancy and birth-related practitioners in the LA area are invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for emotional and physical support through the adventure that is having a baby."

-Katie M., Yelp


Birth Doula Workshop (DONA)

Hypnobirthing (Alisha Tamburri)

Breastfeeding (DONA)

Childbirth Education (DONA)

Stillbirth and Bereavement Training (Return to Zero )

Fertility Awareness (5th Vital Sign)

Postpartum Doula Workshop (DONA)

Spinning Babies (Nicole Morales)

Baby Wearing (Karla Leng)

Pelvic Floor Interventions (Zoe Etkin)

​Birth Disparities: The Anatomy of Prejudice

Take Back the Speculum (Pam Samuelson)
Currently enrolled in National Midwifery Institute

and the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

DTI Full Spectrum Doula Training